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Master of Arts (MA)

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Editorial policies for Science Advances can be found here. Science Advances publishes only research articles and reviews. Research articles should present a major advance and can be short or long (maximum 15, words) format. Submissions must include an abstract (up to words), an introduction, and sections with brief informative subheadings.

Rationalism vs. Empiricism

Planning and writing a thesis with a table of contents This is the time of year when our Masters students are starting to think about how they’re going to write their theses.

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Planning Ahead for Your Thesis: Content Editing: Table of Contents: Writing for an Audience A verbal "road map" or verbal "table of contents" guiding the reader to what lies ahead.

evidence, setting data in a general/universal context, and finally making a judgment based on your analysis. Your thesis should be clearly written and in.

Table of content ma thesis
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