Reseach workoholics

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Reseach Workoholics Case Study Solution & Analysis

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Workaholics also believe that their approach to any project is the best and only way to do it. They are very narrow minded and so obsessed with the task, that they loose sight of creativity and objectivity.

Millennials don’t have a reputation as a hard-working generation.


The caricature of the Millennial worker is more or less a cartoon of an entitled recipient of hundreds of plastic participation. Research shows that husbands and wives of workaholics report less positive feelings towards their spouse and a greater sense of marital estrangement.

Millennials don’t have a reputation as a hard-working generation. The caricature of the Millennial worker is more or less a cartoon of an entitled recipient of hundreds of plastic participation. Dec 06,  · Furthermore, research shows that workaholics report more work–family conflicts and poorer functioning outside work than non-workaholics (Andreassen, Hetland & Pallesen, ; Bonebright et al., ; Russo & Waters, ; Taris et al., ).

Since time is a limited resource, it is natural that workaholism has an impact on the domestic front. Workaholics feel the urge of being busy all the time, to the point that they often perform tasks that aren't required or necessary for project completion.

Reseach workoholics
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Workaholics - Research Paper