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Queen Rania of Jordon in powerful attack on ISIS

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Queen Rania of Jordan

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Leave a part Queen Rania of Jordan destroyed fans by working a beautiful amateur with her husband and children on Instagram, but there was one focusing member who was noticeably absent — her audience Princess Iman.

Meet Jordan's royal family: King Abdullah II, his siblings, Queen Rania and their children

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Queen Rania's humanitarian work and dedication to making education accessible to children who are deprived of such opportunities across the globe appealed to me as an art educator.

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Her children's book "The Sandwich Swap" is part of her effort to promote cross-cultural understanding among all children/5(44). 11 days ago · Queen Rania of Jordan is the queen of fashion, but her incredible wardrobe has recently come under fire for being a bit too lavish.

In a rare statement from. Tagged Queen Rania. WATCH: Jordan’s queen under fire for lavish wardrobe. Get the Latest Israel News! Follow @worldisraelnews. United With Israel.

Queen Noor of Jordan

Tweets by @worldisraelnews. An international celebrity, Queen Rania has become known for her philanthropic work, eye for fashion and upbeat tweets to million Twitter followers.


Queen Rania wore a gown by Jordanian-Palestinian label Hama Fashion to celebrate Jordan's 70th Independence Day with her family. While the top portion of her look was a solid plum color, the. Queen Rania Viewed as a worldwide fashion icon and humanitarian, Queen Rania married the King in Her Instagram page is one of the most followed accounts in the region and she is an avid advocate for women's rights in Jordan.

Queen rania
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