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Video Editing 101 – Using Found Footage and telling a story.

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Sergei Eisenstein

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He excited what he called "people of montage": The weekend knowledge and experience to take two conflicting images and create a third video. Overtonal/Associational – An accumulation of metric, rhythmic, and tonal montage to synthesise its effect on the audience for an even more abstract and complicated effect.

Intellectual – Uses a combination of shots from outside the film in order to create a meaning. Battleship Potemkin Directed By Sergei Eisenstein Film Studies Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: (editing), in a way in which would inevitably create the greatest emotional reaction and response in the audience.

Vakulinchuk, a victim for sailors and workers. Overtonal/Associational – The overtonal montage is the build up of. Editing is one of the most important parts of modern television lest modern television would cease to exist.

Creation of Topic/Story The story is the skeleton of the edit and helps organise the edit into chapters and topics much as in writing. Film or Video Editing (originally called montage), the art and craft of not only assembling or inserting shots into a film, but the collision of one image against another to create a juxtaposition of two images to invoke emotion and tell a story, is the most important part of film-making.

Eisenstein was a pioneer in the use of montage, a specific use of film editing. He and his contemporary, Lev Kuleshov, two of the earliest film theorists, argued that montage was the essence of the cinema. May 06,  · Mise-en-scène, Montage, and the Unique Language of Film.

by Michael McVey, skayra.com Mise-en-scène. Mise-en-scène refers to the visual design of a film.

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