Oot hookshot upgrade

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How do you get the fire arrow on OOT?

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Which Zelda Race Are You?

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The Zelda Ocarina Of Time Quiz

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I mean, there is not even a zelda on it!!. Hookshot Jump.

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Hookshot Jump is a glitch which causes you to shoot up high into the air by canceling the hookshot animation as soon as the hookshot latches onto something. Use the Hookshot (or Longshot) to snag a Skulltula up high.


37 (Adult, Nighttime) Remember the diving game as a child? Return to that spot as an adult and use the Longshot to obtain the next token. Feb 23,  · Zelda OOT: first I played, my favorite ever. I do confess the last time i played i used a texture pack, since was strating to get annoying looking at the low res.

But the combat, the bosses, the dugeon, the collectibles, the exchanges, the ost, the world, the traversal, all really good. | Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time v on N64 The Enhanced Defense, that enables the White Boarders, that surrounds Link's Hearts Energy. [1]Use ONLY this, feature, if you already have the corresponding Upgrade There's two upgrades for the Quiver, but it doesn't matter which order you do them in: 1) Get a perfect score at the Shooting Gallery in Kakariko as an adult.

2) Get at least points at the Horseback Archery Range at the Gerudo Fortress. Sequence Pointer Table The sequence pointer table starts at 0xBCC6A0 in the OoT Debug ROM and follows this format: xxxx xxxx = number of sequences The rest of the table looks like: xxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy zzzz xxxxxxxx = Pointer to the start of the sequence in the sequenced music file (Audioseq.

Oot hookshot upgrade
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