No more hiroshimas poem

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Hyrule Haeresis 5

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mr_mond 1 year, 8 months ago I'm a PlayStation kid and then essentially stopped playing video games, so I never had any contact with Zelda – but I am very interested in rites of passage and how gender roles can interact with them, so I'm really enjoying Hyrule Haeresis.

mr_mond 1 year, 10 months ago I'm a PlayStation kid and then essentially stopped playing video games, so I never had any contact with Zelda – but I am very interested in rites of passage and how gender roles can interact with them, so I'm really enjoying Hyrule Haeresis.

‘No More Hiroshimas’ by James Kirkup is a very atypical and extensive poem dealing with the feelings that the poet has whilst exploring the city of Hiroshima, several decades after the atomic bomb was dropped there during the Second World War.

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No more hiroshimas poem
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