Minor dissertations in archaeology

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Recent Doctoral Dissertations

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Graduate Program Dissertations & Theses MA Theses. Jessica Anders (Art History and Archaeology, MA, ) Walk this Way: a Contextualization of the Dance of Death in New York, PML MS M. Public Archaeology Bibliographies: MA Theses & Ph.D.

Dissertations on Public Archaeology-Related Topics An annotated bibliography project by Kim Christensen. Mediterranean Art and Archaeology Minor 15 credits are required to complete the Mediterranean Art and Archaeology Minor. Of these, 12 credits are required courses, with the remainder being chosen from a list of electives in Classics, HAA, Anthropology, and Religious Studies.

Majors and Minors The department offers a variety of options for undergraduates interested in focusing on anthropology as a field of study.

In addition to the anthropology major listed below, we offer an anthropology minor and a concentration in human biology.

Undergraduate study

Ph.D. Dissertations in Archaeology. List of recently completed Ph.D. dissertations and dissertations in progress in archaeology. The city wall of Aphrodisias and civic identity in Late Antique Asia Minor Author: Peter. ARCH Archaeology of the New World Upper Division Requirements At least 16 hours of upper division archaeology are required including at least one course from each of groups I, II, III and IV.

Minor dissertations in archaeology
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