Criminalizing conduct harm principle reconsidered

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An analysis of criminalizing conduct harm principle re considered

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CRIME, PUNISHMENT, AND FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS Ari-Matti Nuutila * I Constitutionality of Criminal Law In traditional constitutional theory, decisions about what conduct should be criminal should be made by the legislature.

Legal moralism” refers to a family of views about the proper aims and scope of criminal law, according to which there is an essential connection between criminal law and moral wrongdoing: when. Criminalizing Conduct: Harm Principle Re-considered Synopsis To criminalize a certain act is to declare that act illegal and devise sanctions in response to that act.

This process of criminalizing an act is a rather extreme form of censuring whereby that particular conduct is made both unlawful and punishable. Unsurprisingly, most versions of legal moralism are motivated by dis- satisfaction with a principle like the following: The only plausible reason for the state criminalizing conduct of type A is that A harms (or risks harming) individuals.3 This is a preliminary statement of a complex view that may conveniently be labelled the Harm Principle.

Criminalizing Conduct

In general, legal philosophers and criminal law scholars agree that the harm principle (or 'harm to others' (Feinberg, )) is a legiti- mate ground for criminalizing behaviour in modern liberal societies (Peršak, ; Simester and von Hirsch, ), as opposed to, for instance, legal moralism and legal paternalism, 12 which nonetheless can.

Several principles may underpin decisions about criminalization. These include the de minimis principle, that of the minimum criminalization. [5] Under this principle, the general harm principle fails to consider the possibility of other sanctions and the effectiveness of criminalization as a chosen option.

Criminalizing conduct harm principle reconsidered
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Criminalizing Conduct