Corporate dividend behaviour

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Lintner's Model

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Centre for Financial and Management Studies

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Manulife's Corporate Governance. Our commitment to good governance

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The long-term return behaviour of dividend-changing firms has been investigated in the study and it is estimated that 23 percent only incremental profits are transformed into dividend. The remaining profits are utilized for the additional investment. It is also concluded that concentration of ownership is also an important factor of the dividend payments.

There are a number of common terms that need to be defined further in our glossary of terms, including investment, housing, real estate and financial terms. rational expectations and corporate dividend policy where 6, the adaptive expectations coefficient, is the fraction of the past expectational er- ror taken.

Abstract: Using a survey approach, this paper examines the importance and relevance of the various theories of dividend policy for UK companies. Further, it evaluates the extent to which corporate characteristics such as size and industry influence managerial responses to the survey.

Dividends Behavior in State- Versus Family-Controlled Firms: Evidence from Hong Kong differences in business ethical behavior, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, business sustainabil-ity, and shareholder activism in state-controlled versus.

Corporate dividend behaviour
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