Cinium underwriter services

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Cinium Financial Services Corporation to Underwrite Surety on Behalf of Tower Group, Inc.

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Corporate Structures

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DE Produced ssurance Corp. Czech Republic Generali Biztosito Zrt. At Cinium, we take pride in our client service. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately. CINIUM UNDERWRITER SERVICES GROUP, LLC: Sponsored Links.

There are 8 companies that go by the name of Cinium Underwriter Services Group, LLC. These companies are located in Boston MA, Columbus OH, Indianapolis IN, Miami FL, Montgomery AL, Location: NY. The organization provides its members with an array of business and educational services including access to program carrier decision makers, best practice recognition, Target University, program marketing and distribution, industry studies and two annual member meetings.

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Cinium Financial Services Corporation. Location Greater New York City Area Underwriter/Funds Controll Admin. at Cinium Financial Services/Ox Bonding. Greater New York City Cinium Financial Services. Mario L. Martinez. Chairman/CEO. Kevin S. McLaren.

President. Jonathan M. Farrow. Cinium Underwriter Services Group Rock Hill, New York. Robert S. Green.

Cinium underwriter services
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