Caribbean playwrights

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What is the old name for the Caribbean coast?

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Caribbean Theater, Anglophone

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List of playwrights

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Caribbean drama

Featuring the words of the most important of the first generation of postcolonial playwrights—few of whom are still alive—this exploration touches on their experiences of working in the Caribbean while struggling to survive as artists, relationship between their work and the region's socio-political condition, and attempts to develop a Price: In addition to these playwrights who write in English, the Caribbean is full of playwrights and actors ready to entertain with their styles and stories, and theater is a popular form of local expression.

List of playwrights. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a list of notable playwrights. See also Literature; Drama; List of playwrights by nationality and date of birth; Lists of authors A Ab–An.

George Francis Abbott ( Caribbean drama. Print. Share.

List of playwrights

Bookmark. Marson became one of the earliest Caribbean playwrights of social realism. She wrote about ordinary middle-class Caribbean life, and was the first to bring on stage the then socially unacceptable cult of pocomania.

Other playwrights, such as Jamaica’s Archie Lindo, and later the poet and novelist. Horace E. "Steve" Carter, Jr. (born November 7, ) is an American playwright, best known for his plays involving Caribbean immigrants living in the United States Contents 1 Biography.

Caribbean playwrights
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