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Artist As Culture Producer

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Embrace the history of the First Champagne House and explore Ruinart's champagnes selection, where Chardonnay brings elegance, purity and aromatic freshness.

Portfolio of Composer, Artist, and Producer Michael Meinhart. I’m a Composer, Artist and Producer using Sound to express myself.

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Founder, Singer and Producer of @Socionic. I'm an artist, organiser and producer who works across digital learning, contemporary art, experimental music and digital media. I'm interested in the intersections between technology, community and culture This has drawn me to a range of leadership roles including my current position as Digital Learning Producer at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

Previously I have co-directed the. Brothas right here. Myself, Keith and Tiger finishing up tech for The Bitter Game. 🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾 Opens today. This show is poignant, deep, necessary. Pete Anderson.

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